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We Believe in Quality. We Believe in Delivering Only the Best Quality Products to our Clients. Period.  

Our Story

My Great grandfather ran the family butcher store in Brooklyn: Baron's Meat & Poultry. My passion for quality food and local service started there. Spending my formative years in the shop planted the seed for my life in food. 

In 2005, we re-launched my grandfather's shop, Baron's Meat & Poultry in the Alameda Marketplace. We opened base on one basic tenet, only provided the highest quality cuts of meat to our clients and their families. 

Baron's Meat & Poultry is dedicated to providing meat that is the highest quality, best flavor, adheres to the strictest levels of safety, and has been raised humanely with little impact to the environment.

  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • Human-grade vegetarian feed (no meat byproducts, feathers, textile scraps, or any other additives humans would not eat themselves.)
  • Humanely treated
  • Pasture-raised when possible with minimal impact to the land.
  • Fed an organic diet when possible
  • GMO free when available

David is a trained chef and will not put meat into the case which does not meet his high standards for flavor, consistency, and quality. Not only must the meat taste good, each shipment must be as good as the last.